What Are The Best Websites For Lesbian Women To Watch Porn?

Are you a lesbian or are you adventurous enough to make out with someone of the same sex? Are you also in search of authentic lesbian porn sites that do justice to the myriad needs of the queer woman? Then you are in luck. From ethically created porn to feminist porn to porn celebrating all different kinds of bodies, you deserve the best. Say hello to premium lesbian porn for lesbians and queer women:

Crash Pad

CrashPad stands as one of the more authentic voices for lesbian erotic content. In 2012, the website won the Feminist Porn Awards Best Website—and for a good reason. CrashPad has tons of premium material for lesbians, cis and Trans queer women, trans men and people of color. Lesbians with different body types, queer women with body modifications, femme and butch folks can also feel at home. The site also has specific user guides and inclusivity. Therefore, lesbians can select from a diverse selection of adult films, lesbian porn and otherwise.

Queer Porn TV

Queer Porn TV lays claim as one of the most prolific providers of premium erotic content for lesbians. QPTV features scenes with different kinds of bodies and identities and focuses on kinky, queer, and hardcore porn. The site provides the most exciting mission statement. It goes thus: “proud modern sluts, feminist porn stars, sexy amateurs, trans men, trans women, genderqueers, cisgendered folks, fags, dykes, tops, bottoms, switches, real couples, sex educators, non-normative heterosexuality, sadomasochists, perverts, activists, punks, and artists at their kinkiest, raunchiest, filthiest, rawest, most passionate, radical, and real.”

Indie Porn Revolution

Indie Porn Revolution, also known as No Fauxxx, prides itself as the longest-running queer porn site in history. To this end, the website features “submersive smut made by ladies, queers, and other artists”.

The website provides excellent erotic content covering women shagging other lesbians as well astransgenders. You would have to pay a subscription fee to see the diversity in the site’s offerings.

Juicy Pink Box

If you are looking for lesbian erotica that is niche-based, you will do well to settle for Juicy Pink Box! On the site, you will experience the diversity and depth of the productions and shoots.From Australian amateur, bedroom bang to bondage in the backseat of a New York taxi. With Juicy Pink Box, you can satisfy your alternative sexual cravings in the queerest ways.


Bellessa scores high marks for staying true to the needs and desires of the average lesbian. On the website, you’d find tons of feminist porn tailored for the pleasure of women.From sensual scenes to hardcore sex to lesbians tied down, you’d see a bit of everything queer and unusual.