What Are the Erotic Novels for Some Girl on Girl Action Literature?

We love watching porn. If we’re asked to list some of the porn movies we’ve enjoyed most, many of us have super crazy lists of porn we completely adore. For the bookworms among us who would love to get some super dope erotica novels, we’ve collected some of the most popular lesbian erotic novels around.

These novels helped us accept ourselves and our sexual orientation when we were younger. For us, these novels represent everything we love.

At Her Feet by Rebekah Weatherspoon

This is one novel that packs many sexual orientations in one. It details Suzanne Kim’s web search for celeb gossip and some masturbatory material. She stumbles on an unusual tread. It was a request for a really specific type of submission by a Mistress. She learns from her, makes mistakes and gets perfect and then she falls in love with the mistress.

The Fling by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Another great read from an amazing author. It’s about Annie Collins who acknowledges are dormant desires three months to her wedding to her college sweetheart. She experiences a physical heat she never knew existed as she enjoyed a one-night stand with her personal trainer, another woman. That one night changed her life. She decided that she has found something she won’t let go, and she decided to fight for the new love.

The Night Off by Meghan O’Brien

Raised by parents who were drug addicts, Emily Parker grew up taking care of those around her, not pursuing the things she needed. After years of celibacy, Emily decided to dedicate one night to her own needs. She calls on the services of a top escort who knew how to fulfill the fantasies of women. That one night changed Emily’s life as she and the escort, Nat Swayne decided to pursue a real connection.

Awakening by Cassidy Storm

How does it feel? To wake up to complete darkness. To be blindfolded, gagged, tied to a chair and your arms bound behind you. How does it feel to be completely naked and helpless, not having the faintest idea of how you got there.

How does it feel to be subjected to phases of excruciating torment and orgasmic bliss by three women like you? That explains everything about this novel.

Flashbang by Lee Winter

A party filled with A-list celebrities that hold everyone’s attention. No one notices two girls: Lauren King and Catherin Ayers, who were celebrating their last night together. A night filled with everything erotic. Flashbang is a must-read for you guys.